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This practical and engaging Foundation Coaching Course is designed for leaders who coach as part of their role

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Leader as Coach Foundation Course

3 hours. All levels. £249 (Inc VAT)

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This practical and engaging Foundation Coaching Course is designed for leaders who coach as part of their role.
It’s packed with information, insight, activities and example video clips to help leaders begin coaching their colleagues immediately.

Course aim: To support leaders to step into the coaching role and develop the mindset, skills and behaviours of a highly effective, transformational coach

Learning Outcomes:

1. A clear coaching framework to use with colleagues
2. A developed ability to conduct principled and dynamic coaching conversations
3. Increased emotional intelligence and knowledge of how to apply it in a coaching context
4. Improved ability to ask great questions and listen profoundly

Course Content

• What coaching is and what it actually involves
• How is coaching different from other interventions
• Personal coaching assessment
• The principles and ethics of coaching
• Contracting and creating meaningful goals
• Using the SOURCE coaching model
• Video examples of coaching with SOURCE
• Incorporating support and challenge into coaching
• Asking great questions
• Intentional listening
• The power of acknowledgement
• Giving feedback
• Reflection and review

The module includes a personal learning journal and action planner
Bloody brilliant!  You guys know your stuff!
Martin Dodson, Director
I’ve just completed the ‘Leader as Coach’ e-learning module and loved every minute!  Clear, concise, user-friendly, intuitive and packed with on-point, no-nonsense know-how. By the time I’d completed the programme, I felt like I could confidently get started as a coach to my team
Carole Hunter, Managing Director, London Edge Ltd
Module design is great, clean, fresh and cohesive – loved the personal touches in this course – I was engaged throughout
Julie Purnell, Office Manager, Pest Control
As a seasoned e-learner, I can honestly say that this is an incredibly rich and enjoyable module
Alberto Agnelli, Sigma Studio, Milan


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