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This collection of coaching resources includes a comprehensive ‘Leader as Coach’ e-learning module, specifically designed for Leaders who coach as part of their role. 

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Protecting Data

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This course goes hand-in-hand with our ‘Anti-corruption and Bribery’ course and together, they’re designed to ensure that you have the knowledge, insight and guidance to keep personal and professional data safe and meet the legal requirements of data protection

Course aim: To support your understand how to take care of peoples’ data and ensure compliance with data protection law

Learning Outcomes:

1. To understand why protecting data is so important
2. To know what is expected of you in your role in relation to protecting people and their data
3. To be clear about the potential consequences of not protecting people's data
4. Improved ability to ask great questions and listen profoundly

Course Content

• All about protecting data
• Fun Facts
• Who and what needs to be protected
• DPA and GDPR – an overview
• Horror stories!
• Protecting data within your role
• The consequence of failure
• Reflection and review

The module includes an additional Data Protection exam for those who need evidence of competence


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