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This comprehensive coaching toolkit is essential for people who take their coaching seriously and/or want to become accredited in the future

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The Complete Coach’s Toolkit

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This comprehensive coaching toolkit is essential for people who take their coaching seriously and/or want to become accredited in the future. The toolkit helps the coach keep appropriate records of their own development and that of their coachees.

It is designed to help coaches:

• Assess, monitor and be amazed by their development as a coach
• Keep accurate records of all coaching sessions
• Follow best practice guidelines and meet legal requirements
• Build up a coaching portfolio – which is absolutely essential for coaches who want to become an accredited/qualified

Toolkit contents includes:

1. An introduction to the toolkit
2. Competency Assessment and Development Plan – This tool helps to assess coaching competencies and build a personal development plan. It includes suggested resources to help bridge competence gaps

3. Observation Aid Template – This template illustrates what good practice looks like in a coaching session. It allows observed coaching sessions to be assessed for effectiveness and impact

4. Coaching and Supervision Log – The coaching log helps to track the type of coaching plus the number of coaching hours that the coach has done and details of supervision received

5. Coaching Contract Template – The coaching contract is an important aspect of our initial engagement as a coach. This template covers all the key aspects of the coaching contract to be discussed and agreed with between coach and coachee

6. Coaching Record and Reflection Template – Keeping a record of coaching conversations is important, especially when coaching one person over a number of sessions – the coach will want to see what ground has been covered and what agreements have been made

Critically reflecting on our work is the hallmark of a true professional. The Reflection Template guides

7. Coaching Feedback Form – Evaluating the effectiveness of coaching is an ongoing process and an important source for continual development. Coaches are encouraged to frequently invite feedback on their coaching sessions, this form will help them to elicit useful information. It can be tailored it to suit the coach’s own requirements

8. Case Study Template – When a successful coaching outcome has been achieved, it’s a great idea to create a simple case study with the coachee. This can be helpful as a record of what has been learned and achieved together. It can become a useful example to use in appraisals and/or future interviews

So that’s it! A veritable treasure trove of resources and information to help the coach develop into a first-class coaching pro


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