Humanistics Developing contemporary leaders
Developing contemporary leaders
Our development initiatives support leaders to develop into authentic, agile, competent and emotionally intelligent leaders, equipped with the mindset, skills and tools to achieve great outcomes with, and through, their people
Leadership is about getting the team from where they are now, to where they’ve never been before

Henry Kissenger

Our leadership development programmes focus on 3 areas of capability
Humanistics Adopting a 'Contemporary Leader' mindset
Adopting a 'Contemporary Leader' mindset
Mindset influences how we 'show up' in our role and the degree of success we achieve

We support leaders to build a positive, purposeful and resilient mindset that drives productive behaviour and delivers results
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Humanistics Leading Self - The art of personal leadership
Leading Self - The art of personal leadership
Today's businesses look for authentic, emotionally intelligent leaders with individual style and confidence

Personal leadership is about becoming a resilient, trusted and influential leader; able to manage competing priorities and generate respect from colleagues, clients and stakeholders
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Humanistics Leading Others - Mastering the 4 Cs
Leading Others - Mastering the 8 Cs
By mastering 8 powerful leadership competencies - Context, Contracting, Coaching and Celebrating - leaders are able to inspire, engage, drive optimal performance and leverage business outcomes

Mastery of the 8Cs creates dramatic improvements in record time
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Too busy to focus on development
Our ‘Busy Leader’ package provides personalised, bite sized support as/when you need it.
Mastering the 8Cs
Could it be that team success is achievable in 8 leadership practices?
Recent projects
Recent leadership development projects we’ve produced for our clients, include:

Lead 2 Succeed

The complete team manager development programme
Humanistics Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar

The manager’s guide to delivering great customer experiences

Leader as Coach

From Command and Control to Collaboration and Empowerment

Creating a Coaching Culture

Optimise our culture, grow our people and deliver our goals
Client quotes
What really stood out for me as a programme sponsor was the way in which the Humanistics team supported and challenged our leaders to stretch themselves and delve deeper to find the real issues. The quality of the programme and the way in which it was facilitated gave sponsors like myself confidence that people would leave the programme fully prepared for their future leadership roles

Head of Talent Development, Barclays Bank PLC

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