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“Coaching is not a soft skill. Good coaching increases engagement and engagement drives performance” Jenny Rogers
Humanistics - Reap the rewards of coaching?
Are you ready to reap the rewards of coaching?
Helping managers develop coaching capability is an investment that can reap the most incredible rewards

Coaching is now recognised as a key approach for developing healthy, high performing teams. Our high-octane, in-depth coaching programmes are infused with the experience of hundreds of hours of coaching practice in all types of organisation

Whilst coaching skills take time to master, we can help you with an accessible and enjoyable learning path that will have you coaching and generating great outcomes in no time at all

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Coaching drives improvement in…


Greater connection with purpose, desire to contribute and positivity towards work


Greater motivation towards goals, increased performance and ownership


Increased sense of belonging, feeling valued and appreciated


Increased capability and efficacy, improved confidence and feelings of autonomy


Shifts away from ‘Parent:Child’ culture, towards healthy ‘Adult to Adult’ relationships
Example courses Include:
Humanistics - Getting started as a coach
FOUNDATIONGetting started as a coach
2.5 day course with supervision
Humanistics - Leader as Coach
FOUNDATIONLeader as Coach
3 hour e-learning module
Humanistics - Root Cause Coaching and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
INTERMEDIATERoot cause coaching and overcoming limiting beliefs
2.5 day course with supervision
Humanistics - Advanced Coaching Skills for Leaders
ADVANCEDAdvanced coaching skills for leaders
2.5 day course with supervision
Humanistics - Coaching Toolkit
TOOLKITCoaching toolkit
The Complete Toolkit for Coaches in Search of Excellence
Humanistics - 200+ Coaching Questions
Coaching Questions for Leaders Who Coach
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Feedback from our coaching courses
Here are a few of our client testimonials

Without a doubt this programme has led to a shift in performance – the results are clearly measurable. I believe that this programme will be the one that people talk about in years to come

Head of CX.  Barclays Bank

I would recommend this programme to anyone who trains, coaches and manages. It was inspirational and informative, and due to the professionalism and dedication of the facilitators – the learning was very enjoyable and easy to take on board

Head of Care Homes, NHS CCG

Probably the best course I have attended. Coaching as a process has absolutely been brought to life and is practical in my role. I have been in the zone for the whole 2 days and valued the experience immensely. Brilliant course well done!

Participant, Barclays Bank

What a great course, one which I enjoyed and am looking forward to the next one! Loved the feedback session and the aspect of coaching here we really focus on people’s feelings to help us transform our sessions. Looking forward to my coaching this week!

Participant, British Gas

Case study results
Check out the business impact of coaching development
CLIENT A:Operations Lead, Ventura
CLIENT A:Operations Lead, Ventura
“As a team of leaders we applied a coaching approach to our people and saw a 15% improvement in productivity, 23% improvement in available time and 5% improvement in quality scores. If we applied this to the whole company we calculate a £3m saving in salary costs over a 5 year period”
CLIENT B:Head of CX, Barclays Bank PLC
CLIENT B:Head of CX, Barclays Bank PLC
“By implementing the Leader as Coach Programme we saw a 33% increase in product sales. 50% increase in sales of savings accounts. 30% increase in service levels. 20% increase in first touch resolution of complaints. Employee Opinion Survey results: 7% improvement”
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