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Strengths Deployment Inventory

Creating great insights into the motivational behaviour of people

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What is SDI®?

‘The SDI helps team members to create greater levels of self awareness and a better understanding of how to engage effectively with colleagues, friends and customers’


Using SDI in a team context enables participants to:


•  Understand why we sometimes get ‘wound up’ by the behaviour of others

•  Recognise the positive motivations behind the behaviours of others

•  Adapt our communication style and approach in order to generate positive responses from others

•  Develop greater levels of rapport and forge strong working relationships

•  Recognise and value diversity within a team

•  Explore conflict and identify ways to manage difficult situations effectively


Each participant will leave the workshop with a personalised strengths profile and a handy communication booklet which provides insightful tips for communicating effectively with all SDI profiles’. Learn more

SDI is ideal for:

•  Accelerating the formation of high performing new teams

•  Exploring working relationships and strengthening team bonds

•  Identifying and optimising strengths within the team

•  Exploring feedback from inside and outside the team

•  Tactical planning and skills development to meet business opportunities and challenges

What clients say

‘Now I understand that we do have the same objective, it’s just that we approach it in different ways’

‘When I adapt my approach and language, I get a better response from others’

‘When I adapt my approach and language, I get a better response from others’