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Performance optimisation

Optimising performance, inspiring results

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We believe that building and sustaining high performing teams is both a science and an art. Our inspiring performance optimisation programmes provide managers with everything they need to raise the performance of their people and then keep it there


Our approach has been developed over a period of 14 years and tried and tested within many blue chip organisations. In each case, the performance improvements achieved across the whole balanced scorecard have consistently exceeded our client’s expectations


This programme focuses on 3 key areas of capability:


•  Managing an effective operation (this is the science bit!). This part of the programme focuses on setting up the operation so that it is ready and able to perform at the highest possible levels


•  Key routines for performance managers. This part of the programme focuses on the key activities which consistently have a positive impact on team performance. It also clarifies best practice benchmarks in terms of frequency and standards of performance for each activity


•  Optimising and sustaining the performance of the team. This is where the artistic element comes in! We help performance managers develop the skills to deliver their routine activities with flair. This is the art of conducting motivating conversations which engage & inspire people to perform at their very best

What clients say

‘The best course I have attended: will without doubt make a tremendous difference to my role and relationships. Thank you very much!’

‘You were supportive and encouraging to help us explore our thoughts’

‘Absolutely loved the interaction and practical sessions, cards and role-play’

‘This is the best course I have been on in ages!  It was all so very relevant and thank you to

the 3 of you for being supportive and inspirational’

‘The trainers were fantastic, and I felt at ease.

I am looking forward to work after the course and the feedback I will receive. I have learnt

some excellent tools that I will make sure are taken back to the workplace’

‘An absolutely fantastic 2 days. Not only have I learnt loads to take back to the office, more importantly I have learnt a massive amount about myself, reinforced my skills, knowledge and ability. Thank You!’

‘Excellent 2 days. Thought-provoking,inspiring, energising. Made me really feel I can make a difference to my team and the business’

‘Modules all relevant to my role; it is obvious all pre-understanding of our business was very clear.  Thank you very much’

‘Very inspiring course, learned loads’