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Executive coaching

Unlocking potential, inspiring results

Executive coaching has a key role in supporting business leaders to gain clarity, access their potential and optimise business performance


All business leaders can benefit from coaching and those that access regular coaching are more able to perform at their best on a consistent basis


We believe that great coaching helps leaders to

•  Develop emotional intelligence

•  Build confidence and capability

•  Access their passion, motivation and energy

•  Address issues, conflict and challenge

•  Create healthy relationships with colleagues

•  Remove the barriers to success

‘I definitely raised my profile in the business and this helped me to secure a new, higher level position’

Coaching themes

Personal effectiveness:

Skills enhancement:

Leadership challenges:

•  Identify personal strengths and values

•  Develop greater levels of emotional intelligence

•  Increase self belief and confidence

•  Find greater meaning, satisfaction and balance in work

•  Access personal motivation and enthusiasm

•  Create meaningful and stretching objectives and goals

•  Enhance communication skills

•  Uplift personal performance

•  Improve time and priority management

•  Build effective relationships with others

•  Develop problem solving capability

•  Build trust, credibility and leadership brand

•  Define vision, objectives and strategy

•  Build high performing teams

•  Make ethical decisions

•  Address complex issues and challenges

•  Confront team dysfunction

•  Hold self and others to account

What clients say

‘I just wanted to say thank you for your work on the coaching (and the workshops) – the feedback has been great’


‘In particular, I found the coaching session with Elaina extremely uplifting and I am sure it has had a measurable positive effect on my emotional well-being over this difficult period’

‘I just wanted to add how useful and timely I found this series of sessions. I felt the coaches were highly skilled and weighed the mood of the group expertly. I must confess I went into the sessions feeling slightly sceptical and fearing that they might be part of a strategy to 'sell' the restructure to us, but I found them refreshingly honest and open’

‘The sessions prompted me to take action and tackle some of the difficult issues which were having a negative effect on my confidence and morale‘


‘The sessions enabled me to clear out personal stuff, gain perspective and focus on the important issues’