Getting engaged

Optimising performance, inspiring results

For us, the concept of engagement is translated into:


•  Increasing the quality of interactions


•  Making tasks meaningful and rewarding


•  Identifying the values and strengths which enhance performance


•  Connecting employee goals with those of the organisation and the customer


•  Developing emotional resilience

According to the Gallup Management Journal’s semiannual Employee Engagement Index, only 29% of employees are actively engaged in their jobs, while 54% are not engaged and 17% are actively disengaged


Closer to home in the UK, research from YouGov on more than 40,000 employees reports that only 51% feel fully engaged by their company


In a recent survey, 72% of employees who left their organisation did so because they felt that they were not being recognised for their contributions or sufficiently respected or coached by their leaders


At Humanistics, our mission is to help organisations transform levels of engagement by providing a range of solutions designed to build the capability of leaders, managers and customer facing employees


The thread that weaves throughout our work is empathic communication. Empathic communication goes beyond a simple exchange of information; it creates meaning and understanding, emotional connection and respect, all of which are proven to increase confidence, engagement, loyalty and performance


If this all sounds a bit too ‘soft and fluffy’, then let us reassure you that we are passionately committed to delivering measurable bottom line results and leaving our clients with a legacy which continues to deliver value for years to come


If you would like to transform engagement and unlock the potential of your organisation please contact us, we’d love to hear from you


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