Case studies

Achieving outstanding results

Case Study 4 – Performance optimisation through           leadership


The Issue

Large Building Society, Collections Operation. Our client was halfway through a 3-year business re-design programme. As well as significant process, working practices and structural change, naturally there was a cultural revolution to manage and performance was expected to improve year on year.   The focus of our programme was on building leaders’ capability in inspiring quality performance through engagement, prioritising human interaction and meaningful communication


The Solution

A comprehensive programme was developed which aimed to provide proactive interventions at each critical stage of learning.  This included a thorough orientation process for participants which allowed each individual to engage with and explore their personal motivations and anxieties about the journey. This set the context and tone for the activities that followed. A two-day classroom training was followed up with an unprecedented commitment to coaching (group and individual), skills practice and observation, assessment and personally designed assignments. Changes in behaviour were monitored and target performance areas tracked. Finally, a validation session provided personal acknowledgement of change and contribution for each leader, from both facilitators and colleagues


The Results

Delegate reaction: 100% of participants said they would recommend the programme. 93% said they had received ‘ideas and inspiration’. 86% said they had increased confidence and motivation.

Transfer of learning: Six core behaviours were assessed and collated for each participant before and after the programme. A 50% improvement across the behaviours was measured and validated during that time.

Business Impact: A rich and wide variety of business impacts across a balanced scorecard were achieved e.g.


•  Adherence: pre-programme 80.5%.  Post-programme 82.6%

•  Calls per hour increased by 29%

•  Call quality (particularly deepening understanding of the customer’s situation) saw a drop from 13 red boxes to 7

•  AHT decreased by 20%

•  Responses from the ‘Meaningful 121s’ questionnaire: the team moved from an average of 68.7% positivity to 87.8% (an increase of 28%)

•  Increasing accounts worked per hour over the period: moved from 10.06 per hour to 16.86, a 68% increase in productivity

•  % of portfolio on a performing plan up 19% from 42% to 61%

•  Complaint roll rate decreased from 77% to 41%


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