Case studies

Achieving outstanding results

Case Study 2 – Performance optimisation


The Issue

This client had been struggling to handle call volumes. Service levels fluctuated daily and did not rise above 60%. The knock-on effect was that managers spent 60% of their time handling customer complaints


The Solution

Deliver the programme to 15 managers, focusing on 3 key points of leverage:

•  Call duration

•  Idle time

•  Sickness and absenteeism


The Results

Our evaluation period for this programme was extended as a result of the events of September 11th which had a dramatic and unexpected impact on this client. Six months on, the results were as follows:


•  Idle time reduced from 30% to 20% (this metric alone resulted in a saving of £150,000)

•  Calls per hour improved by 12%

•  Call duration reduced by 29 seconds

•  30% reduction in headcount

•  Service levels consistently achieved 98%

•  Managers time spent on complaints reduced to 5%

•  Results of employee survey show significant improvement in morale


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