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Coaching supervision

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Ensuring excellence in practice

‘Everyone needs help to stay on track in the powerful interactional fields of organisations…One of the best ways that coaches can stay effective in their role is to receive coaching themselves…I used to think that my needs for a coach would diminish once I had worked with numerous clients and had many years under my belt. Twenty years, and over 100 clients later, my effectiveness has dramatically increased but my desire to use a coach myself has remained high. I no longer see the use of a coach as a sign of incompetence but a smart investment’   Mary Beth O’Neill


With the huge rise in the number of people coaching in organisations, we see supervision as a critical component of effective coaching practice and essential for:


•  The protection of all involved parties (coach, coachee and the organisation)

•  The ongoing development of the coach/coaching team

•  Ensuring ethical standards are applied

Our coaching supervision sessions are designed to:

We see the function of supervision as:

•  Provide a regular space for coaches to reflect on the content and process of their work


•  Develop greater levels of self-awareness, understanding and skills


•  Receive information, explore alternative perspectives and exchange feedback


•  Ensure that coaches are not left carrying problems and/or difficulties alone

•  Provide coaches with a safe space to explore and express personal emotions and/or patterns of behaviour brought up by the coaching work


•  Support coaches to plan and utilise coaching sessions more effectively


•  Enable coaches to be proactive and ensure high quality work