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Coaching programmes

Unlocking potential, inspiring results

'This programme was undoubtedly the one which had a massive impact on my team. Every individual felt re-energised and highly motivated following and during the sessions. Without a doubt it has led to a shift in performance - the results are clearly measurable. I believe that this programme will be the one that people talk about in years to come'

Whilst coaching is now recognised as a key approach for developing healthy, high performing teams, the sophisticated skills required of the coach are by no means simple


It is therefore critical that the training for in-house coaches is of the highest quality

At Humanistics our coaching programmes are infused with the experience of hundreds of hours of coaching practice in all types of organisation and hundreds more in the personal development of our facilitators


This wealth of expertise allows us to build development programmes which we’re confident will:


•  Enhance individual and team performance

•  Generate higher levels of productivity

•  Improve employee engagement

•  Increase customer satisfaction

•  Positively add to the cultural climate


Our coaching programmes are tailored to suit 3 levels of organisational coach

1. -  Foundation level

2. - Intermediate level

3. - Advanced level


We also provide continued support for coaches by providing updated resources and ongoing supervision to ensure that the in-house team continues to operate effectively and ethically


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What clients say

‘Probably the best course I have attended. Coaching as a process has absolutely been brought to life and is practical in my role. I have been in the zone for the whole 2 days and valued the experience immensely. Brilliant course well done!’

'I Loved it. It was SO practical - I  can't wait to try out the techniques. Thank you!'

'I would recommend this to anyone who trains, coaches and manages. The programme was inspirational and informative and due to the professionalism and dedication of the facilitators - it made the workshops very enjoyable and easier to take on board


Thank you’

‘This programme has far exceeded my expectations. It has opened up so many avenues for me to develop myself and my team and it has also given my confidence a much needed boost


I particularly enjoyed the interaction with the facilitators and their inspiration and encouragement. Thank you so much’