Bite-sized learning

Optimising performance, inspiring results

When time is short, bite sized learning interventions can really help deliver targeted learning fast.

We have a wide range of stand-alone bite-sized learning modules, which can be slotted into team meetings, off-sites, corporate conferences etc.


Here are a few examples of recent bite-sized learning interventions we’ve delivered:


•  Speed Coaching - The power of the 10 minute coaching conversation!
Suitable for new and experienced in-house coaches and managers, this highly practical, fast paced session highlights transformational coaching techniques and principles and includes a pack of 10 Transformational Coaching Questions tailored to suit the current business


•  Appraisal Time! – How to gear up for a fantastic annual appraisal. This interactive and reflective session comes with tools, templates and fabulous tips for both appraiser and appraisee


•  Five Dysfunctions of a Team –  Based on Patrick Lencioni  work on dysfunctional teams,  this series of insightful explorations helps to recognise and transform each of the five dysfunctions so that -

-    Trust is built and sustained

-    Healthy conflict is encouraged

-    Full commitment and engagement is achieved

-    Team members hold themselves and each other to account

-    Teams work together to achieve results


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